Choosing the best flowers for your anniversary

Love is a wonderful feeling and happy is the person who knows how to recognize and also savour every moment of the heady feeling of joy that love brings in its wake. Amorous feelings are invariably and unmistakably heightened by gifting and indeed receiving flowers and occasions like anniversaries are most apt for expressing your love with flowers.

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Your beloved may not always expressly say so, but you would be naive to assume that she is not pleased as punch on getting a bouquet of lovely flowers. Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t go wrong when trying to say it with flowers:

Pick your choice:

Red Roses: Red roses are almost universally accepted as the quintessential sign of love. It is no wonder that bouquets of red roses are such a hit among lovers on Valentine’s Day. Girls are known to get into raptures of undiluted joy on getting a bunch of red roses from a guy they have a crush on!


Orchids: White orchids are not only a sign of attractiveness and freshness, but also a symbol of purity. Your unadulterated love will surely find amazing expression through a splendid arrangement of orchids.


Sunflowers: The sun is the sign of life and light. The petals of the sunflower can light up your life and are sure to bring a broad smile on the face of your girlfriend or wife. You can surely breathe a lot of gusto and endearment into your relationship with flowers.


Daffodils: Daffodils are such amazing flowers that even poets have long waxed eloquent about these supremely colourful flowers that also have an inimitable fragrance that lingers long in the heart and mind of the recipient.


Lilies: The star shaped petals of lilies signify elegance and exquisiteness that are enough to soothe the emotions as well as evoke feelings of requited love that are cherished and coveted by the most ardent of lovers.


Wrappers: Flowers that are wrapped in lovely paper and ornate plastics are quite the rage across the globe. Be sure that flowers are packed with utmost care so that the freshness of flowers is retained in its most pristine and unspoilt form.

Handling: Flowers are delicate and dainty. You need to be very careful in handling them and this applies to not only the process of packing the flowers, but also in the transportation and handling so that there is no damage to the gift of love that these flowers represent.

Freshness: Flowers need to retain their fresh goodness in order to elicit the desired emotion of joy and happiness from the recipient. Modern technology makes this possible and is one of the reasons why cross country flower gifting is booming.

4_send flower by post

Send flowers by post: If you are away from home and hearth for whatever reason, you need not be deprived of the opportunity to send flowers to your beloved. You can send these flowers by the portal system of online services that are able to transport flowers across boundaries in quite a jiffy.

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