Flowers are the sweetest and beautiful thing god has ever made but forgot to put soul into it. Flowers are the best way to express our feelings and concerns and make our loved once happy. Just like friends are close to our heart likewise flowers are also the thing of beauty that appeals to our hearts.


Tradition of flowers had started since 1970, when Angela flowers established her first gallery on Lisle Street in London’s west end. Earlier, there used to be less variety of flowers, but now they have varieties beyond your thinking i.e. unlimited. Some common varieties of flowers you all are aware are roses, sunflower, marigold, etc.

Here are some types of beautiful flowers from the world and their specialty:

  • Roses: It is a symbol of perfection, love passion.
  • Tulips: It represents cheerfulness, forgiveness, grace.
  • Orchids: It represents luxury, beauty, strength, and sympathy.
  • Sunflower: It represents the sun, warmth, and longevity.
  • Lilies: It symbolizes the majesty, innocence, and purity.
  • Daffodils: It is a symbol of fresh start and renewal.
  • Apple blossom: It represents a sense of promise and success in trade and commerce.
  • Lilac: It signifies confidence and emotion of love.
  • Sweetpea: It symbolizes other blissful pleasure and thanks.
  • Lavender: It represents silence, devotion, and wealth.
  • Daisies: It is a symbol of love, patience and loyalty.

Flowers are nowadays having many uses like for birthday flowers, wedding flowers, and Christmas flowers, etc., which are discussed as follows:

  • Gifts

Flowers can be a gift, irrespective of reasons. It will always cherish the moment with its blossom and brings a smile on a person’s face. Flowers can be sent in the form of bouquets with a get well soon message, congratulation message, apology message, cheer up message, love message on it. Flowers, which can be best and beautiful as a gift would be lily, orchids, mixed roses, etc.


  • Home Decorations

Flowers are used in decorating our homes on special occasions. They add a touch of sophistication and beauty to our home décor. Choosing an appropriate flower according to the change in the season can uplift our spirit. If you are feeling bad or down, it can also brighten your dull corner and removing bad odor of your homes and compliments it with fragrances and beauty. Some flowers like red heads, orchids, and lofty lilies can bloom your homes with happiness and gaiety.

  • Wedding Flowers

Weddings are the celebrations of love. Flowers are must for all weddings as it is a symbol of love and also are commonly used in all weddings for decorating arrangements for ceremony table pedestals and location with orchids, freesia, garden roses and many more.

21_wedding flowers

  • Alternative Healthy Remedies

Flowers are also used as healthy remedies by therapist for common ailments and also to boost the spirit. Flowers are also used in making perfumes, room fresheners, etc, which help in removing bad odor of your body and your room. It brings freshness in your rooms and makes you feel great.

Flowers itself speak the language of the heart beautifully, which is well discussed above.

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