Celebrate Her “Special” Day in a Special Way

Rudyard Kipling, the famed author was absolutely right when he declared, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. No one can take the place of a mother in an individual’s life. It is amazing how well she can understand your needs, thoughts, behaviour and feelings much better than everybody else. Without her help, you would not have been able to comprehend the world in a broader way, or become what you are today. Bearing this in mind, it is only appropriate that this special person in your life be thanked publically at least once in the year via Mothers’ Day flowers.


  • The celebration of Mothers’ Day is not a recent custom, by any means; it has been in existence since the era before Christ’s birth, that is, BCE. An Ancient cult known as the Phrygian Cult lived in the mountainous regions of Western and Central Anatolia (A peninsula in south-western Asia; it forms the Asian part of Turkey). They worshipped Cybele, their Goddess with mysterious rites. She was supposed to represent the wild mountains, fertility and motherhood.
  • The Ancient Romans appreciated this custom, believing that Cybele was similar to Rhea, mother to the Roman Gods. They had their own version of the modern Mothers’ Day. Gradually, over the centuries, the thought extended to other parts of the world too, including the entire West.
  • In contemporary times, Mothers’ Day is celebrated across the globe, in over a hundred nations. Of course, the festivities do not acquire an official tone; everything is kept unofficial. Thus, the second Sunday in the month of May has been deemed as very important, since the American Anna Jarvis announced it in 1914.

Appreciation need not be expressed through word alone; it may be exhibited in the form of suitable gifts.

  • What does your mother reminiscence about often? It is bound to be “the good old days”. Well, digitally re-mastered, compact discs of old movies or classic songs are easily available. They are of marvellous quality, worth gifting to a special person. In case, she is more focused on religion, you might take some time off to hunt for that rare or quaint book, beads, etc., which she has been hankering for all this time.
  • Does she express curiosity about advancing technology? If so, spend ‘today’ on acquainting her with the mysteries of the Internet. She will adore the idea of being able to communicate so rapidly with her loved ones and friends across the world via emails, video conferencing, and even social networking.


  • Similarly, you may gift her jewellery, photo albums containing images of the entire family, special collages, an outing that rekindles beautiful memories of your parents’ past, and so on.

Do remember, any kind of gift must be compulsorily accompanied by a large, personalized bouquet of flowers and a sentimental message. Create an enchanting bouquet with lilies, daisies, orchids, carnations, roses, hydrangeas, irises, etc. Use ferns and green leaves too. After all, your mother means the world to you.

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