Effective guidelines to Grow Lilies and taking care of the plant

Lilies are popular because of its royal and elegant looks and its gorgeous petal shape. It is also an expensive plant and when it comes to gifting flowers, lilies are highly expensive too. But there is an easy way to send flower cheap. And it’s by growing your own flowers. Growing lilies are very easy. Lilies are propagated mainly by means of bulbs. It is also grown from seeds, but growing lily plant from seed is very tricky and need a lot of care and time. Although lilies grown out if seed are highly resistant to diseases, even then people prefer using bulbs.

Here I will explain, what things you need to know for planting lilies and how to take care of the flower:


Planting lilies:

• The most suitable time for lilies plantation is fall and spring.

• Lilies are easy to grow plant. It can be planted in a pot or in the outdoor soil.

• It’s necessary that the soil is porous to let air touches the bottom and the roots a bit.

• The water draining system should be good.

• It is necessary to put Organic fertile soil before placing the bulbs. The well placed bulb in fertile soil can last for many years. So it’s necessary to provide good soil condition while plantation.

• Sunlight in the morning is vital for good plant growth, but the plant should be protected from the direct sunlight in the afternoon time.

• When you are selecting bulbs make sure they are not dried up.

• Give bulb proper space to grow. When planting two bulbs together make sure they are 18 inches apart. The distance can vary if planting bulbs of different varieties.

Taking care of the lily plant:

• Unlike other flowery plant they don’t need daily watering. Watering once or twice a week is enough, but when giving water, be sure to water deep enough to reach the bulb.

• Highly fertile soil is very necessary for the plant good growth. Add some fertile soil very six months.

• Do not give high nitrogen fertilizer to the plant.

• Removing the yellow stem and foliage for good plant growth and look is necessary.

• Keep lilies blooming by removing blossoms as they fade. This prevents the plant from expending its energy in producing seed.

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