Meaning behind the color of Tulips

Tulips got its name from the Latin word “tulipa”, which also means “turban” or “taliban”. They are the national emblem of Netherlands. Netherland is the world largest cultivator and exporter of tulips. Netherland is also a great attraction for the tourist because of the tulip fields that is just like rainbow on land. It is the national flower of Iran and Turkey. They are among the first flowers which bloom at the beginning of spring season. They are also said to be the reminding bells of spring. They tulip flower give the happy message with its beauty and delight that the spring has just started. Tulip, in general, represents fame, perfect love as well as wealth. It is one of the flowers most loved on earth, due to the meanings associated with the colors of this beautiful liliaceous plant. Sending flower UK or any other place become much easier if you know the meaning attached to the flower. Here I will tell you about lilies language. How they convey your feelings and emotions without saying a single word.


Red Tulips:

Red tulips are the best symbol of eternal love and romance. It shows passion and lifelong commitment. There’s even a legendary story attached to this beautiful flower. Legend has it that there was once a Turkish prince who was madly in love with a maiden. But the sudden death of the maiden caused the prince to jump of a cliff in despair and deep grief of heart; from the drops of his blood emerged the red tulips. It is also associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, used by couples who have been married that long, or by couples who intend to show how long and more they intend to stay married.

White Tulips:

They are the symbol of purity, innocence and humanity. They are also used to express forgiveness, sympathy and heaven. They are a part of funerals and show respect. Whether you want to show the purity of any relationship or feelings, tulips are the best choice.
Purple Tulips:

Purple tulips are associated with wealth. They are an intrinsic part of ancient royal gardens hence show royalty and generosity.It can also be linked with admiration for the accomplishments of a loved one.

Orange Tulip:

They are the symbol of energy, joy, fascination and desire. They are used to show mutal respect among the married couples.

Yellow tulips:

Tulips have a strong gold color that gives a message of hope, life and cheerfulness. Yellow color is also a symbol of friendship. Yellow tulips are also used to show the feeling of strong friendship.

Pink Tulips:

They stand for affection, care and sometimes, attachment. It is used to represent perfect happiness, offering of best wishes. There is a little similarity in meaning with the red tulip.
Tulips are among one of those flowers that needs no words to explain their beauty. There is no special occasion to use them. Knowing their meaning will help you to use the right color at all the occasions.

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