Perfect beauty & my childhood love; tulips

Tulip is the classic spring flower and for me it is my childhood love. I still remember that when on summers evening my dad used to bring a bunch of three tulips for my mom. And she always gives the expression as if she is getting these flowers for the first time. Their love and tulips had a surprising connection. And that’s how I also started loving the flower. It seems to me as a bunch of three fresh tulips is something related to eternal love and care.


Tulip is a beautiful flower it has its very own grace and elegance. There are many counties that cannot grow tulips because it needs special weather and soil conditions. Thanks to Holland, who is the largest exporter of tulips. Tulips flowers grow in large number and in more than 17 different shades in Holland. Tulips are phototropic which means they grow towards the light. They make amazing bouquets with other flowers and also look pretty with it’s own family. Their long stem makes them to stand well in vase and other indoor and outdoor decorations. They are not available in all the countries, so if you want the flowers you can place the order by online flowers UK. They have tulips available in beautiful colors sizes and arrangements.

It’s said that the tulip’s velvety black center represents a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion. With the power to rival roses in their red variety and the sweet charm to express simple joy when yellow, it’s no wonder that in addition to all its other symbolism, in the language of flowers, a tulip bouquet represents elegance and grace. They make gorgeous bouquet on any occasions. Whether you want a classic floral center piece for dinner table, a romantic present, welcome new life and new mom or want to wish on any special moment tulips make a perfect present to build a lasting impression.

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