Flower color can tell everything about your feelings

Flowers are the most loved gift you can send for any occasion. There are so many colors and kinds of flowers that one might get confused that which flowers to present on which situation. Flowers have been used from ancient times as a gift and to express feeling of love, care, joy, happiness etc. The meaning of color of the flower is a unique aspect of symbolism that you can use to send a secret message to someone. Knowing the meaning of flowers in depth will help you to choose the perfect flower to express your feelings. A misunderstanding in understanding the true meaning can also cause big issues. Sending flowers is also a cost effective way of communication and showing care. You can send flowers cheap by either picking some from sales or cut them from your own garden or pot. Flowers are also the best way to communicate your feelings in an effective way.

Here is the list of colors of flowers and their meanings.
Red color flowers:

Red flower is the ultimate symbol of love, romance, passion and energy. It is the only color that is being used when you want to ask for a marriage proposal. A dozen long-stemmed red roses are the classic romantic gift. It is also the color of life as it is the color of blood. It’s great to present red flowers for giving hope and energy.

Orange color flowers:

Orange is the color of the sun. Thus, it is the expression of warmth, growth, expansion and fascination. It is also the color of hope. Send orange flowers, or other orange gifts, to the one that really makes you feel warm and happy inside.

White color flowers:

It is the color of purity, innocence, Pious, Heavenly, Sincere Feeling, Hope, sympathies and Silence.They are the most amazing way to tell someone how sincere you are. It is a great flower for a new relationship and showing sympathies on someone’s death.

Yellow color flower:

It is a symbol of Happiness, Friendship, Joy, Enthusiasm, Jealousy, Pride, Success and Luxury. It is a best flower to express your good will and joy. If you want to, wish someone good luck and express joy on anyone’s achievement, it’s great to send yellow flowers.

Pink color flower:

It is a symbol of delicacy, romance, grace, admiration and care. It is a girlish color and can best be used on any occasion when you want to delight a girl.

Peach color flower

This color represents Wisdom, Gratitude and Appreciation. Peach is a mixture of pink and yellow so it has both, the warmth of yellow and the romance of pink. This is also a great flower to complement other flowers.


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