Top 9 Flowers for Gifting

Every lovely hamper is incomplete the perfect flowers. They have always been a choice for simple yet wonderful gift items. Flowers can enhance a person’s mood and put a smile on their face. So go ahead and send flowers. But know which flowers are the best to send. People are picky!


  • Roses-

Rose has an old world charm and that’s why they are so popular for expressing gestures.

  • Sunflower-

These bright yellow huge flowers are beautiful. They are gorgeous and somewhat romantic too.


  • Orchids-

Who doesn’t like Orchids? Their blooms are usually lavender in colour and they are found in other colours too.

  • Lily-

Lilies are the prettiest flowers. You can also get them in several colours like pink, red and orange and many more.


  • Carnations-

These fluffy looking flowers are a good item for a bouquet. The reason they are popular because of their lovely look and the variant colours.

  • Tulips-

Tulips are startling flowers. Available in many different colours, they have large petals and usually aren’t fully bloomed. The stem is a highlight.


  • Dahlia-

These fluffy flowers are worth gifting. Their real beauty is in the colours and tiny petals.

  • Lavender –

Like their name, lavender flowers are lavender in colours. They are highly used in cooking. And look striking.


  • Viola-

Viola is the plant on which Violets grow. They are completely different from Lavenders but are equally breath-taking.

You can send a next day flower delivery in UK with all these flowers too. Make a handsome bunch of them and make sure to wrap it well. Be it any flower, it always brings a pleasant smile on anyone`s face. So while you are planning to send the right kind of flowers, keep these basic tips in mind. Flowers are delicate so it is essential to deal with them in the same way.

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