Blooms that drive away the bleakness

Winter is a season that is generally perceived as a season without colour. True – you have a lot of snow to play with and Christmas to brighten up the season, but if you look closely, winter is certainly not devoid of all colours. It’s not all white and gray. There are green Christmas trees decorated with many, many tree ornaments and lights that make it a breathtaking sight, you have several fake Santa Clauses making rounds of your neighbourhoods to make your children smile, you have many animals and birds that venture out of their hiding spots during this season, and you have many flowers that dot the scenery and make it look wonderful.

Flowers make for great gifts. They can be used as gifts in any season, winter included. If you are planning for a next day flower delivery in UK as a gift to someone dear to you, then you should know which flowers are available in this season so you choose your gift wisely. If you choose non-seasonal flowers, chances are your order will not be processed, your dear one doesn’t get a gift from you this year or you may have to pay a large amount of money for these special blooms. So, here is a list of some of the flowers that grow in winter, just for you!

1. Lavenders – These sweet smelling flowers from which a colour derives its name makes for a wonderful addition to a bouquet. A bunch of these flowers wouldn’t be a bad idea too, but this unique colour of the flower stands out more dramatically when it is paired with flowers of other colours such as white or pale yellow. This is certainly one of the best flowers you can find during winter.

2. Roses – Nurseries and proud garden owners will tell you that there are special roses that grow only in the winter. They can be easily grown at home and in nurseries and hence, they are more readily available than the more obscure flowers. Add a few of these roses in your gift bouquet and make it look prettier while also lending it a great aroma.

3. Paper star or paper daisy – These delicate flowers look great in a bunch. They have a unique shade that of a mixture of gray and blue with a yellow centre, which makes it stand out against the regular flowers we are familiar with. Apart from its colour, this flower is also famous of its very delicate appearance and from afar, the petals look like they are as lightly shaded white paper.

4. Hardenbergia – This flower is available only in the winters and is available in three shades – purple, pink and white. These are small flowers and the petals have an exquisite, closely furled look that makes you want to gaze at it again and again and marvel as the wonders that Mother Nature is capable of.

Some of the other flowers that you could try are Luculia, Bergenia and lily of the valley.

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