The Meaning of Flowers

The tradition of sending flowers for delivery to people on various occasions is centuries old. Flowers are sent on various joyful occasions like birthdays, holidays, and anniversary and also for consoling on funerals. Flowers have certain powerful meanings hidden in their colors which represent our emotions. They are used to communicate our inner feelings and thus are carefully chosen for any specific occasion to show the recipient your true intentions. According to Henrietta Dumont, flowers have their own natural significance which brings them closer to humans.

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Flowers shed positive impact on humans, on their feelings, passions and sentiments which builds a relationship with them. In fact in early 19th century, floral dictionaries were a popular read for wealthy ladies. There was an intriguing floral language that taught how flowers can help to send secret messages. Even today the flower colors do hold certain linguistic value to communicate the messages of people. They are the language of emotions that are untold and inexpressible in words. So what colors of flower say to let you find how you can communicate your message with loved one perfectly?

Blue color depicts calmness and clarity of visions, dreams, and imaginations. It can be said that blue flower is perfect for those with gentle nature or who are looking for some peace and tranquility. You can send them a blue floral bouquet and they would be fascinated by your choice of color because it will perfectly match to their nature.


Pink is a soft and gentle color that represents happiness. The soft color represents youth, joy and innocence that are why babies are correlated with pink colored accessories. You can send these sensuous pink flowers to your daughter who is celebrating her teenage hood and feeling excited to enter the youth age.

20_pink flower

Purple is an elegant flower color that showcases dignity, success and pride. It is a royal color with the message of admiration. Thus, you can send a purple flower bouquet to someone who is celebrating their achievement. You can also send violet blooms to the one going for some accomplishment in life to support their goal.


Yellow is a color of friendship, happiness and new beginning. The yellow colored flower is pertinent to bring immediate smile to the face of your loved ones because of its bright and shiny color significance. So, if you wish your friends a happy and blissful day just to make them happy then yellow flowers is your choice. You can send yellow Carnations or Yellow Germinis to your loved ones and let them smile for you.


Orange color is a symbol of energy, warmth and enthusiasm thus it totally goes with the people who have energetic life. If you wish to send your loved one a message to energize their life by bringing some passion in their life, then send these orange floras to convey your message. It is an epic choice for those who are confident in achieving their goals with passion.

20_atum flower

White is a decadent color representing beauty, simplicity, innocence and humility. White flowers are specially presented to patients or consoling loved ones as they mark purity, healing and clarity. In some cultures they are associated with peace and prosperity that is why white flowers are also used in weddings as well to wish the couple long life prosperity.

Green is a color of health, growth and regeneration. This is why when spring arrives; the beauty of green plants and flowers is mesmerizing to the sight after long and dry winter. So, you can send a green flower bouquet to your loved one as a sign of rejuvenation to bring refreshment in their moods and life.

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